Pietro Riccio

Obituary of Pietro Riccio

On December 24th we lost someone who was larger than life. The kind of man who wouldn’t let little things like crippling spondylitis, losing a limb to cancer, and advanced cancer, stop him. Many months after being given only 2 months left to live, and with only one leg, Pete could be found swimming with his grandchildren and cycling around Elizabethtown.

He was a passionate man. Anything that he set his mind to do, he did. He wanted to fly a plane, so he got his pilot license. He wanted to build a house, so he built a beautiful house with his own hands for his family. He wanted to skate after losing his leg, so he went ice skating with his grandbabies. He wanted to be a musician so he taught himself guitar, bass, drums, and piano. His love for music was present in everything he did. There was nothing that could make him happier than having a drink and jamming with friends.  Except, perhaps, playing with his grandchildren.

He was a fun loving person with an appetite for adventure, who never let the opportunity for a good joke pass. We lost a best friend, husband, father, Papa, brother, and son.  His loss will be felt by anyone who has had the great privilege to know him. In true, Pete spirit, he wanted his celebration of life to be just that, a celebration. We look forward to inviting all of those, who have been blessed to know him, to a celebration fitting his magnitude, a real party, when restrictions allow.

Until we are able to properly honour him we would be grateful if those touched by him would share memories of his life, so that we may keep him alive in spirit.

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